About Auto-Seat Ghana


Auto-Seat Ghana Limited is a manufacturer of Automobile Seat Pads. Our locally made auto seat pads, Car Seat Cushion, Vehicle Seat Covers, designed by skilled artisans have been introduced to the Ghanaian automotive industry to help alleviate the discomfort and pain experienced by drivers & passengers from the usage of vehicle seats that are not fully adjustable to each passenger’s posture.

Auto-Seat Ghana Limited, was registered as a limited liability company in 2014. we later shift our business organization model, from a limited liability company to a limited liability partnership.

We pride our self’s in the production of automobile seat pad, back and neck support cushion. Problem arises when a working product is being put under mass production. The production entity enchanter challenges if the product that is being put under mass production is not registered in the name of anybody officially.

it was invented, out of a research work for jobs & employment creation. A prototype copy was developed, the product was named and described by, Selorm Kumfo (the inventor).

The required technicians where assembled, and sponsored by Selorm Kormla kumfo, (the inventor) for mass production to serve the targeted customers, (drivers).

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